About Us

Jo and Nicole discovered a love for Kripalu yoga through practising with our teacher, guru and yoga master Suzie Jennings. After a period of apprenticeship with Suzie and a month long intensive teacher training at the Kripalu Institute for Extraordinary Living we qualified as Kripalu yoga teachers. The sister medicine to Kripalu is Ayurveda and, after further training at Kripalu, Ayurveda philosophy is now interwoven in classes.

Suzie continues to be a source of inspiration in her pioneering work with wounded soldiers at Headley Court and for the ”Help For Heroes” charity. She teaches retreats and workshops with Padme Yoga.

We are deeply committed to maintaining the authenticity and ethos of Kripalu yoga with its emphasis on compassion, listening to your body and non-judgement both on and off the mat.  We keep our skills updated through developmental training courses, workshops and home study such as with Donna Fahri, Suzie Jennings and returning to Kripalu Institute For Extraordinary Living.

Padme Yoga is proud to teach at Ashcombe School. We provide one-to-one sessions and level 3 Reike healing.


Padme: Lotus Flower​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The lotus flower is an ancient symbol in Asian culture, often associated with the teaching of Buddha. The lotus grows on the water, rooted in muddy earth, its leaves nourished by the air and its petals unfurl gracefully towards the sun’s fire.


Om mani padme hum
When mind and heart become united anything is possible

"I would highly recommend Padme Yoga to anybody; it is a lovely, friendly atmosphere where you can practice at a level to suit you. Both Jo and Nicole are highly engaging teachers, who help you to understand and appreciate yoga and all that it has to offer."